GIRAF Animation Festival

Branding a four day independent animation festival.

Since 2005, GIRAF Fest brings the best animation from around the world into venues all around the city every November. I was honoured to coordinate all print and digital materials throughout.

FlatsArtboard 13.png
FlatsArtboard 1.png
FlatsArtboard 5.png

Writhing arms performed weird, mystic rituals for their 13th year.

Pre-fest promotional materials – posters, handbills, and teaser site all drummed up anticipation for the programming release. Bright pink sprinkled walls and tables around the city.

FlatsArtboard 2.png
FlatsArtboard 9.png
FlatsArtboard 4.png

Full web and programming guide organized the various shorts packs, features, talks and workshops happening in 3 venues over the 4 day span. I also animated the signal film.

Ticket sales went up, posters kept ... disappearing.

FlatsArtboard 8.png
Has 38 house plants and has only killed one this month.
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