Goat Locker

Redesigning a line of local beer with a classic feel.

The term Goat Locker refers to an area below deck in old wooden naval ships where they kept a goat (for milk, cheese). They also kept the overflow barrels of ale in the Goat Locker, way below deck, where it was nice and cool. 

Simple, clean design echoing the history that inspired the beer.

Craft beer is booming in Alberta (hallelujah!), but we've seen the market saturated with complex and pretentious brews. Goat Locker wants to be the layperson's gateway into craft beer.

Humble brews don't need all that fuss.

Approachable cans with easy descriptions, pairing combinations and other helpful info house classic beer styles.

A unique story on the three cans bring the modern audience and the Navy officer together.

Each can a story.

Made at Evans Hunt. CD: Mike Tran Copywriter: The ever brilliant, Warren Fick

Has 38 house plants and has only killed one this month.
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