Tourism Calgary

Celebrating Calgary's friendly fringes.

Looking for a bold new campaign strategy, Tourism Calgary wanted to show an insider's view of the city by leveraging user generated content and showcasing unique and unexpected experiences in the city.

Group 8.png
FlatsArtboard 5.png

Graphics were inspired by zines and show posters: hand drawn with an indie energy.

The "Calgary is Out There" platform was born. I pulled from my experiences of the city I grew up in: the underground arts communities, hidden spots and friends and festivals reflected in warm, quirky photography.

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FlatsArtboard 9.png

An authentic and accessible subculture on display.

Tourism Calgary eventually went with one of the other directions I built: focus group testing proved "Out There" was too niche. The alternate campaign is rolling out currently. This one, though, is still my favourite.

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Made at Evans Hunt. CD: Crystal Eriksson CP: Jason Holley Copywriter: Anders Svensson

Has 38 house plants and has only killed one this month.
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