Quickdraw Animation Society

Rebranding an underground community with an expressive identity system.

For over 30 years Quickdraw has fostered a strong, inclusive arts community in Calgary, and tapped in to
a global animation network. They needed a brand update to resonate with their members and proudly represent their films internationally.

FlatsArtboard 13.png
FlatsArtboard 1.jpg
FlatsArtboard 5.jpg

The pencil takes on a greater life as it weaves and interacts with its surroundings.

An adaptive logo allows for play. The pencil is a pure symbol of creation, bending it in cartoonish ways brought surprise.  In static use, the poses evoke a sense of motion. The community were encouraged to play around with it in animation.

FlatsArtboard 9.png

A year after introduction,
the new identity goes strong.

The rebrand rolled out with brand guidelines,

stationary, signage, templates, and merch.
Quickdraw members quickly made it their own.

FlatsArtboard 4.png
FlatsArtboard 11.png
FlatsArtboard 8.png
FlatsArtboard 7.png
FlatsArtboard 10.png
Has 38 house plants and has only killed one this month.
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