Unity Brew 2018

United we stand, united we brew.

Every year, brewers from all over Alberta get together to share stories and supplies, eventually culminating in the Unity Brew, released at Beer Week with proceeds going to the Alberta Small Brewers Association.

FlatsArtboard 13.png
FlatsArtboard 1.png


FlatsArtboard 5.png

Design wraps around the can, you only get the full picture when you put them together.

Lines flow in and out of the typography alluding to the Alberta lakes, summer sun rays, and waves of barley that is described in the copy.

FlatsArtboard 2.png
FlatsArtboard 9.png

Generating buzz.

The Unity Brew exploded on social media with a warm reception and ton of user generated content.

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Made at Evans Hunt. CD: Mike Tran Copywriter: Warren Fick

Has 38 house plants and has only killed one this month.
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